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History - Tradition and Culture

Himachal is also known as the Land of Gods. In Himachal, every village has its own god called Gram Devta and all the families have their separate gods called Kul Devtas. Nihri is a beautiful and an open ended lush-green snow bound hilly terrain Tehsil area of Sundernagar Sub-division of Mandi Distt. and falls under the Suket Kingdom of olden days. It is said that the name of the place was derived from the word Nheri, which means dark in local dialect. In the olden times the place was surrounded by the dense forests of pine trees, the sense of which can be felt even today as one enters into the place.

DenseForest of Nihri

Dense Forest of Nihri

In the area there are a number of gods/ goddesses and their temples with mouth told histories and interesting stories. In addition to that there are hidden and unspotted historical remnants in the area dating around to 300 hundred years old time or even more, which are a potential subject of research. There are two spots called Shural in local dialect, which is said to be a Qilla (गढ़), where once some high profile lady had sacrificed the life in the funeral pyre or some palace had been put to fire.

Remnants of Olden Temples

There are some other sites where remnants of some olden temples (300 years or more) have been discovered:

Remnants of olden Temples
Remnants of olden Temples
Remnants of olden Temples
Remnants of olden Temples

Some of the gods of the area are supposed to be the Saints, Kings and Warriors of the Mahabharat time. However, some of them are depictions of Lord Shiva, Kali and Durga.


( Dev Bala Tikka, Mashishar, Khuni Nag, Mundli Mata, Mela, Devta, Festival, Marriage)

People have great faith in their gods, and always seek blessings and involvement of, in their lives and daily routines. Since the time immemorial the entire community are abide by the directions and decisions given by these gods and goddesses. There are several fairs and festivals devoted to these gods and goddesses, which portrait the age old tradition and cultural saga of the people. These gods and goddesses are part and parcels of the lives of people and they stand by them during the pain of sorrow and fervor of joy.

Dev Bala Tika
Cultural Mela
Shel putri Mata
Mundli Mata Temple